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Yoga helps to calm the mind and connect with the body. Gaia center offers Yoga classes, private Yoga class and Yoga at work!

Yoga class

Yoga is for everyone, you don’t need any Yoga experience to start! Yasmin teaches different Yoga styles. Have a look at the schedule and feel welcome to sign up!

Yoga schedule: From January 20222

19:00-20:00 Hatha Yoga
This Hatha yoga class makes you aware of your body and thoughts. The attention is turned inward to seek the stillness within. It’s about finding balance in yourself and setting an intention for the day. Meditation, yoga asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises) are part of the Hatha yoga class.

20:15-21:15 Relaxing Yin Yoga
The Yin class helps you to relax deeply. The yoga poses are focused around the hip area where a lot of tension is stored. In Yin yoga we stay in a pose for about three minutes to relax the deeper layers. This class makes you aware of your body and thoughts and has a meditative aspect. In deep relaxation, your body can find peace and acceptance. Leave everything for what it is and connect with yourself.

Location address:
Rotterdam North. The exact location will be announced soon!
Sign up by sending a Whatsapp to Yasmin +31684486198
* This class can be in English/Dutch depending on the participants.

Private Yoga class

The private Yoga class is perfect for you when you want to learn yoga or you have specific body parts that need attention. Everybody is unique and with care and attention, the yoga class is made for you personally. Together we have a look at what you need and I create a fitting class especially for you and I can come to your home. You don’t need to have any Yoga experience to start!

Yoga at work

Yoga at work offers hard working employees a healthy break. Work can ask a lot from the body and mind. To keep a healthy body and mind it is very good to do Yoga! Yoga helps to relax the muscles and mind. The new energy gives a fresh state of mind and work energy.

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