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Bergwegplantsoen 10z, Rotterdam

Inner voice mini retreat

An inner journey towards your inner voice and the best version of YOU!

The objective of this afternoon retreat is to provide a safe space for you to reconnect with yourselve on a deeper level through meditation, voice exercises, singing and a cacao ceremony. This afternoon retreat aims to foster individual and collective connection and healing.

As children we are all subjected to an enormous amount of conditioning and messages. Maybe your parents were emotionally absent and you had to adapt to be noticed? Maybe you learned that you were only worthy through silence or speaking loudly? Maybe you have created an emotional pattern that costs you a lot and can trace you back to your childhood? The inner voice is all about recognizing and feeling what has created and shaped us. Through awareness and healing sounds and healing reiki energy, there is room for release. With different tools you are guided into voice healing and singing from your heart. The cacao helps to open your hearts for self love. Let us offer you a safe space to let go completely and express completely what is alive. Everything from you is welcome with us.

The intention of this workshop is simple: Deep healing journeys with attention and love for your inner voice. Letting go of everything that is holding you back and towards expressing yourself, a new life with inner joy and freedom where you stand in your strength.

The voice and sounds are a gentle teacher that makes you remember your inner voice. The cacao takes you to the heart and the soundhealing set the water in your body in motion, which ensures relaxation and healing.

What makes this mini retreat special?

Yasmin and Maia join forces to guide you through their favorite and most powerful healing tools. The healing combination of cacao and sound reinforce each other!

This day retreat includes:

– Oracle
– Cacao ceremony
– Guided meditation and shaking
– Voice healing
– A journey sound healing and healing reiki– Ecstatic singing exercises and guided songs
– Tea and fruit

Your guidence during this workshop are Yasmin Fris and Maia Steinberg. With so much love we welcome you exactly as you are! Do you feel a YES?

When: 13th of July
Time: (Enter 13:15) 13:30 – 17:00
Location: Gaia Center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z, 9th floor
Early Eagle Bird €88 till the 15th of June
Late Feather Bird €99

Are you ready to connect with yourself and your inner voice? A mini retreat to release your old self and welcome your new self that is more free and expressive!