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Roots down deep and branches spread high!

Gaia center is a place to come home to, relax and find joy. With the tree representing the cycle of life, how we are connected to the earth and the universe at the same time. Life is happening outside and inside simultaneously. With yoga it is possible to come in union with both! Looking at what the world needs today it is relaxation and healing, connecting the mind to the body. Massages have well known benefits to the body and Reiki is getting slowly recognized for it’s healing abilities. Gaia center has a holistic approuch, respects nature and believes in co-creation.

Gaia center is situated in Rotterdam and is currently looking for a new bigger location! Scroll down for the contact details or for co-creation.

Founder Yasmin Fris – Yogateacher/Masseuse/Reiki Master/Goddess circles/Innersound Retreats
My life started to flow when I discovered Yoga. The effects were so positive and they changed the way I look at the world. From a feeling of connectedness I traveled the world. Seeing the world as a school I did my Yoga teacher training in India, learned about massage in Thailand and Reiki in Mexico. I also felt connected to raising the feminine energy and therefor I created Goddess circles. I teached yoga for a year at De yogaschool and as a Reiki master I give Reiki courses. With love I also offer different massages, With the Gaia center I take a new step towards my dreams. I invision a world with more care, freedom and health.

Beside this I co-create Retreats, read more

Inès Fris – Graphic designer
From a young age I was fascinated by patterns, colors and design. Naturally I studied Graphic Design and with a lot of passion I create flourishing, colorful and vibrant designs

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Would you like to co-create? Gaia center is looking for a new location! Therefor also een crowdfunding is ongoing, your donation is highply appreciated!