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SOMA Breath by Purnaspirit

Breathe less to live more: tap into your full potential!

SOMA Breath is a holistic, rhythmic breathwork system that incorporates the principles of Pranayama, along with musical sound healing, visualization, and personalization. Rhythmic breathing helps to set the heart’s coherence for bodily and mental balance; extended exhalations guide us into the power of the vagus nerve to switch off stress and connect with the subconscious mind. 
In this session I will guide you through daily doses of soma breath with various rhythms and techniques like chanting, shaking, releasing tension. Each month we will focus on different themes such as stepping into your full potential, stress & pain release, empowering, letting go of fears and similar. Together, we will hold space for anything coming up to the surface and will welcome it with arms open; all in a safe and trustful environment. Enjoy this blissful journey full of gratitude and connection with your true self. 

When: Every monday 17:30-18:30 and 19:00-20:00

How to sign up? Go to or send an email to

Private sessions

Pamper your body-mind-soul in personalized private journey!

What do you need at the moment? What do you want to work on or let go of? Where are you moving from and towards? Do you thrive for being seen and heard? Book a private session tailored to (only) your needs. Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves the permission to slow down, to look inwards, to celebrate and to finally receive.This private session includes a combination of cacao ceremony, meditation, coaching, yoga or breath session and is meant for individuals, couples, families, friends, mothers and daughters.


1,5 hour
• yoga (30 minutes)
• SOMAbreath (30 minutes)
• thai massage (30 minutes)

2 hour
• yoga (30 minutes)
• SOMAbreath (30 minutes)
• thai massage (60 minutes)

3 hour
• yoga (30 minutes)
• ceremonial cacao and meditation (30 minutes)
• SOMAbreath (60 minutes)
• thai massage (60 minutes)

Book a 30 minutes free alignment call where we will decide together on how to build your perfect private session. Go to or send an email to