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What is happening at Gaia center?

Elemental massage

Elemental massage workshop

The elements are connected to nature and are part of life. In this Elemental massage workshop, the elements are woven into the massage. From flowing water engery, to intense fire energy, steady and slow movements like the earth energy and final gentle and soft wind energy.

This workshop will be given together with Ruben Garcia Arabit. In this session we will focus on subtlety and intuition. We will go on a journey to tune in where you can generate the inspiration and curiosity to discover the different surfaces and energies of your partner and yourself. We will guide you with thoughts, symbols and here and there a more concrete action.

The clothes stay on in this massage and singles as well as couples are welcome to join. Beforehand it will be clear if there are any bodyparts that you don’t want to be touched.

What to bring: A big towel to lay on and a bottle of water

Date: Friday the 26th of November
Time: 19:30-22:00 ( Walk-in 19:00-19:30)
Location: Hof van noord, Gordelweg 131, Rotterdam
Investment: €30,00 Early bird (till 14th of November) €35,00 Late bird

Reiki circle

Reiki circle

Reiki is an alternative healing method and it means “Guided life force”, it is originated in Japan. In the Reiki circle we exchange Reiki. The circle is for the everyone with Reiki 1, 2, master or has just an interest. The circle is in English or Dutch, depending on the participants.

Date: Thursday the 16th of December
Time: 19:30-21:30
Location: Gaiacenter Berkelselaan 3a1 in Rotterdam
Investment: €15 (€10 for Gaia center Reiki course alumni)

Goddess circle

Goddess circle

A workshop for women who would like to connect with their feminity! Learn more about the Goddess archetypes to connect with your inner goddess! This edition the ancient Goddess Ishtar is there to show us different parts of ourselves connected with fertility and thunderstorm. The goddesses archetypes reflect aspects and qualities we all have within ourselves as well. We have parts in ourselves yet to discover. In the Goddess circle there is room to share, connect and discover your inner goddess with sisters support and in equality!

With a cacaoceremony, meditation, wombhealing, singing, dancing, tarot and more. You are welcome to join and connect with yourself and with sisters! This workshop will be given in English or Dutch depening on the participants.

Let’s conenct with the full moon!

Date: Friday the 17th of December
Time: 19:00-22:00 ( Walk-in 19:00-19:30)
Location: House of Happiness, Burgemeester Hoffmanplein 39, Rotterdam
Investment: €35,00

Reiki course 1

Reiki course 1

Reiki is an alternative healing method and it means “Guided life force”, it is originated in Japan. In the Reiki 1 course you will learn about the Reiki history, Mikao Usui and the principles. Beside the theory you will also learn how to use Reiki in a practical way to heal yourself trough your hands. All courses can be given in English or Dutch.

Date: Sunday the 19th of December
Time: 10:00-17:00
Location: Gaiacenter Berkelselaan 3a1 in Rotterdam
Investment: €200

*Including: Syllabus, Certificate, Tea and snacks
** Maximum of two students per course


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