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What Gaia center has to offer you…

Gaia centers has a range of treatments, courses and workshops for you to benefit from!


Yoga is an well know tradition from India. The body and mind are both connected in the yogaclass. Weekly group classes of Hatha and Yin yoga. Also private classes and yoga at work is possible!
Benefits of Yoga
Reduces stress and anxiety
Improves the quality of life
Impoves flexibility and balance

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Different Treatments from Reiki energetic healing, also with Crystals and Coaching. The massage Treatements are with organic oil with a variation of options to choose from!

Benefits of the Treatments:
Release of stress
Release pain or blockages
Enhances sleep and mental health

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Reiki courses

Reiki is a powerful alternative healing method from Japan. The Reiki courses help you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Learn this now!

Benefits of a Reiki course:
Personal development
Brings balance in your life
Gives energy and focus

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Reiki courses

Workshops & Courses

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Lomi Lomi massage discount

A Hawaiian inspired full body oil massage known as ‘the loving hands’. The long strokes are a special tecnique to release deeper layers of the muscles and energtic body. Combined with different massages influences and a traditional Lomi Lomi way of setting an intention and breathing tecnique. This massage is naked except for a fabric on the private parts. The massages lasts 90 minutes (with 15 minutes before and after care).

Book now and pay 80,00 instead of 90,00!

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Meet Yasmin Fris

"I am the founder of Gaia center since the beginning of 2020. With so much joy and love I run Gaia center. I went trough my own healing process to become a Reiki master, Masseuse and Yogateacher! I traveled the world and learned a lot about different healing methods. With Gaia center I offer all my wisedom and skills." Click on the pictures to read more...