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What Gaia center has to offer you…

Gaia centers has a range of treatments, courses and workshops for you to benefit from. From a holistic view combining the physical body with the mind and soul. The aim is to increase the wellbeing to live a life filled with inner peace and joy! Become aware that your wellbeing is important and feel free to try any of these offerings!

Healing Treatments

Reiki alternative healing (with crystals) and different massages treatments. From relaxing massage to holistic and Lomi Lomi massages.

- Helps to relax and reduces stress
- Strengthen the intuition
- Release blockages in the (energetic) body

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Healing Treatments

Reiki courses

Reiki is a powerful alternative healing method from Japan. The Reiki courses helps you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Learn how to heal yourself and also others.

- Personal development
-Gives energy and focus
- Strengthen the connection with yourself

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Reiki courses


Yoga can help you to find union between the body, mind and soul. Weekly group classes, private classes and yoga at work is also possible.
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Improves the quality of life
- Impoves flexibility and balance

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Reiki 3-pack!

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method for healing and balancing the body, emotions and mind. The Reiki 3-pack consists of 3 Reiki sessions, each 60 minutes devided over time. The recommandation with Reiki is to have more Reiki sessions to heal on a deaper level and transform your life! Book now and get 20% discount, pay 112,00 instead of 140,00!

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Meet Yasmin Fris

"I am the founder of Gaia center since the beginning of 2020. With so much joy and love I run Gaia center. I went trough my own healing process to become a Reiki master, Masseuse and Yogateacher! I traveled the world and learned a lot about different healing methods. With Gaia center I offer all my wisedom and skills." Click on the pictures to read more...