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Yoga helps to calm the mind and connect with the body.

Monday 19:30-20:30 Hatha (Yasmin)
Hatha Yoga is a calm form of yoga. By becoming aware of body and mind you learn to relax, concentrate and find balance. The attention is directed inward to seek the silence within yourself. Surrender and be completely in the moment. This yoga class is a mix of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

Start of the classes: First classes in the beginning of June, till the end of summer!
Location: Meet up at Vroesenpaviljoen in Vroesenpark
All classes are for beginners and advanced yoga lovers! Please bring your own mat and extra’s (blanket).

Would you like to join but monday is not fitting you? You can also sign up and let me know which date suites you to see if I can make a new group! Private classess are also available, scroll down.

Private class & Yoga at work

The Private class offers time to explore which Yoga poses fit your body and can enhance your mental health. After the class you will receive 6 Yoga poses to do at home.

Yoga at work offers hard working forces a break. Especially when the work requires sitting in one position behind the computer. Yoga helps to relax the muscles and mind after which a fresh and balanced state is achieved.

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Teacher: Yasmin
Yasmin has been a yoga teacher for two years, first for ‘De yogaschool’ and afterwards for Gaia center. With a lot of love she teaches the classess.
What others say: “Yasmin’s voice guides you smoothly through the practice on a inner journey to centre yourself and balance your energies.Good yoga classes in Almondestraat as part of the project Pension Almonde. Thank you Yasmin🙏🏻