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Yasmin Fris

Entrepeneur – Reiki Teacher – Masseuse – Yogateacher

My life started to flow when I discovered Yoga. The effects were so positive and they changed the way I look at the life completely. I felt more freedom and I traveled the world for three years! I looked at the world like it was a school. I went to India for the Yoga teacher training, learned about massage in Thailand and Reiki in Mexico. This was a beautiful journey where I learned a lot about myself and the world. Now I see the opportunities and I realise we are here to help each other!

When I came back to the Netherlands I could observed the culture I grew up in and I could see clearly that a balance was missing. How was is possible people can burn out and we can treat the earth in this way? A re-connection with our own body nature and the nature around is is needed. With a more holistic way of living we can find the balance. This motivated me to start to get to work! I started to teach yoga six days a week at De yogaschool. This was a good base from where I started give private yoga classes. Simultaneously I worked at QoQo massage salon and Thermen Spa to develop my massage skills. The Reiki sessions started at home and I could see that it really works. This gave me the strength to continue with Reiki till the final teacher degree. In 2020 it was time to set up Gaia center. The three pillars of reiki, massage and yoga came together in this holistic concept.

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