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Taking a Reiki course is a wonderful gift to yourself!


Reiki means guided Life force and it comes from Japan, the founder is Mikao Usui. You can think of the force and light of the Sun! It is a powerful healing method which works on the physical body, emotional, mental and on soullevel. Reiki activates the self healing ability of the body and can help to release stress, blockages and pain.

Reiki leads towards more balance and relaxation. A reconnection with feelings, chakras and self knowledge. It helps you to heal and live a life of health, peace and Joy. Reiki stimulates the self-healing ability and brings more balance in all areas of your life.

Gaia center offers Reiki courses so you can learn Reiki yourself. Reiki 1 is for self healing, reiki 2 healing others and the reiki master to teach others.

Reiki 1
In the Reiki 1 course you will learn about the Reiki history, Mikao Usui and the principles. Beside the theory you will also learn how to use Reiki in a practical way to heal yourself trough your hands.
* Reiki history
* Reiki principles
* Precautions and guidelines
* How to heal yourself
* Symbols
* Initiation

Reiki 2
In the Reiki 2 course the focus is on healing others and especially how to heal from a distance. Deepening the Reiki knowledge with symbols and practices.
* How to heal others
* Distance healing
* Symbols
* Initiation

Reiki Master
The Reiki master is for when you are ready to teach others. You know this yourself when you are ready!
* How to teach others
* Symbols
* Initiation

Date & investement

Reiki Exchange
Exchanging Reiki can give you a chance to experience or practice Reiki. The exchange is in groups and the Reiki energy connects. The Reiki exchange is for Reiki practicioners and for the ones that are curious what Reiki is.
When: Sunday 5th of September
Time: 10:30-12:00

Reiki 1
When: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of October
Time: 9:30-13:00

Reiki 2
When: Saturday 23th & Sunday 24th of September
Time: 9:30-13:00

Reiki Master
For the Reiki Master we talk first. You can book a personal Reiki info meet-up (can be via the phone, Zoom or in person).

*Including: Syllabus, Certificate, Tea and snacks


Jeanine Leenheer
“Yasmin is super warm en liefdevol. De Reiki cursus was een verrijking en een hele fijne dag!”

Nathanie Laura Molema
“De Reiki cursus voelde voor mij als een stukje thuiskomen. Ik merkte dat ik soms weerstand kon hebben bij het aardse Leven omdat ik juist zo de verbinding met het Hemelse miste. Reiki heeft me doen ervaren dat ‘thuiskomen’ ook op aarde Kan.”