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Reiki means guided Life force and it is originated in Japan. You can think of the force and light of the Sun! It is a powerful healing method which works on the physical body, emotional,mental and on soullevel. The relaxing massage with oil helps to release stress and toxins in the body. With influences from Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai massage tecniques. The relaxing massage can be combined with Reiki in a holistic massage.

With the Reiki courses you can learn more about this powerful yet gentle healing modality, Reiki has 3 levels. It is wonderful to learn how you can heal yourself at any time and maybe others as well! As a Reiki teacher I can share that every level is a journey closer to a life of balance and abundance.


★★★Reiki sessions ★★★

Reiki healing session

Reiki session, how it works In the Reiki session you lay down and relax. I gently place my hand on, or close to the body and the Reiki flows out of my hands into your body.

Reiki from a distance, how it works The energetic field is connected beyond space and time. I need a photo and the location of the Receiver. A time is set and we connect before and after the session by phone.

Holistic massage, how it works The holistic massage is a combination of half Reiki and half an oil massage. With Reiki as a start the body relaxes deeper and blockages become clear. The massage as a second part feels extra relaxing and nurtering.

Relaxing massage, how it works The massage I offer is a mix of Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai. It is a relaxing massage with oil. Perfect when there is a lot of tension in the body or to spoil yoursself.

Benefits * relaxes deeply * restores the body in a healthy state * balances the chakras * relieves emotional and mental blockages * heals physical pains and cronic illness * Detoxing

★★★Reiki courses ★★★

Reiki levels

Reiki level 1 This is an introduction to Reiki, you learn about the Reiki principles, history, how it works practically and an you will receive initation. Afterwards you are able to give reiki to yourself at any moment!

Reiki level 2 With the second level you learn more about giving Reiki to others, Reiki symbols and you will receive an initation. Afterwards you are able to give reiki to others and from a distance.

Reiki Master/Teacher The Reiki Master and Teacher can be done together or apart. With the Master you learn the master symbol and you will receive an initation. The level of Teacher is the final part and then you have completed all courses. In the Teacher course you will learn a symbol and how to give initiations to others, you will receive a final initation yourself too. Afterwards you are able to give reiki initiations on al levels.

Learning Benefits on different levels * reiki principles * reiki history * precautions and guidelines * heal yourself * heal others * heal from a distance * symbols * teach others * symbols * receive a initation on every level

Reiki Level 1 – By Reiki Master Amy Milman – Luz Del Sol – Mazunte – Mexico
Reiki level 2 – By Reiki Master Suleiman – Hampi – India
Reiki level 3 Master/Teacher – By Reiki Master Emma Dröge – Schiedam – Netherlands

Thai Massage course – Koh Phangan – Thailand
QoQo massage course – QoQo – Rotterdam – Netherlands
Treatments – Thermen Wellness Institute – Schiedam – Netherlands

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Reiki healing session distance – 1 hour €25,00
Reiki healing session – 1 hour €40,00 – 1,5 hour €55,00
Relaxing massage – 1 hour €48,00 – 1,5 hour €63,00
Holistic massage (Reiki & Massage) – 1 hour €48,00 – 1,5 hour €63,00
Reiki 1 – 1 day €200,00
Reiki 2 – 1 day €250,00
Reiki Master/Teacher – on request

Location: Yoga Vidya in Rotterdam