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Bergwegplantsoen 10z, Rotterdam

Connect to Your Inner Flow

In this workshop we will bring awareness to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions
through music, dance, and movement. We will explore and connect to our inner flow
through movement by tuning in and listening to how our body is inviting us to move.
We will also tap into our inner rhythm through creating simple tunes and singing to
free our voices. By using guided mediations and mindfulness exercises we will support
you in channelling your creative flow in a safe and judgement free manner.
You do not need to have music and dance experience for this workshop.

‘The Connect to your Inner Flow ‘workshop is given by Joris van Beek & Gacia
Tokajian. Joris van Beek is a musician and a hypnotherapist. As music has both been a
natural flow and struggle in his life, he started exploring ways to assist himself and
others in their musical journeys; using guided meditation and hypnosis to support a
gently and effective learning process. Besides performing and teaching Joris is
presently starting up a hypnosis practise.

Gacia Tokajian is a teacher and a dancer. Her personal journey to reconnect with her
own flow and rhythm put her on a pathway where she acquired Kundalini Reiki
Practitioner training, mindfulness tools and knowledge of body-mind connection. She
is currently in training to become a Holistic Life coach. As an Artist Gacia has been a
passionate dancer since a very young age and sees movement as an important and
therapeutic form of self-expression which she loves to share with others.

Date: Saturday, May 11th 2024
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM (Please arrive 15 minutes earlier)
Location: Bergwegplantsoen 10z, 9th floor
Investment: €35 per person (Including tea and snacks)