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Gaia center is a place to come home to yourself. The tree represents Gaia center. Steady roots and also the branches spread high. Inspired by ancient eastern traditions, where life is seen in its full spectrum. From a holistic view combining the physical body with the mind and soul. The integrating of these traditions from a fresh approach is here at Gaia center for you to benefit from!

Gaia centers has a range of treatments, courses and workshops for you to benefit from. The main pillars are reiki, massage and yoga. Besides this, there are workshops and events. The aim is to increase the well-being to live a life filled with inner peace and joy! Become aware that your wellbeing is important and feel free to try any of these offerings! All is available in English and Dutch.

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Reiki is an ancient healing method from Japan. The Reiki life energy brings balance, relaxation and it can heal on emotional, mental and soul levels. You can try a Reiki session and it is possible to learn how Reiki works in the courses. The courses are designed for you to learn this ancient technique so your life will become more in balance. Experience it for yourself!

The massages come from Thai massage, Chinese Shiatsu and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. These oil massages help to relax the body and detox. The massages have a holistic view. Combines oil massage with Reiki energetic massage to give an overall feeling of wellbeing. Choose a treatment that fits your need!  

Yoga unites the body with the ‘monkey mind’ and brings balance. In the private yoga sessions, you get full attention to your authentic needs. Yoga at work offers group classes for the hard-working force to relax to prevent burn-outs. Do you have employees that need relaxation and movement? Contact Gaia center!  

Different events and workshops are available. From breathwork, family constellation, tantra and more. All of the workshops are there to relax, give insights in yourself and to become more aware.