Almondestraat 171, Rotterdam

Meet the Gaia team, we create this magic together!

Here you can read about all the beautifull souls who have contributed to Gaia center. Some in the past and some in the present moment, keeping the Gaia center running. We are open for collaborations and you can rent the Gaia center space yourself.

Founder Yasmin Fris – Yogateacher/Masseuse/Reiki Master/Goddess circle

My life started to flow when I discovered Yoga. The effects were so positive and they changed the way I look at the world. From a feeling of connectedness I traveled the world. Seeing the world as a school I did my Yoga teacher training in India, learned about massage in Thailand and Reiki in Mexico. I also felt connected to raising the feminine energy and therefor I created Goddess circles. With the Gaia center I take a new step towards my dreams. I invision a world with more care, freedom and health.

Inès Fris – Graphic designer

From a young age I was fascinated by patterns, colors and design. Naturally I studied Graphic Design and with a lot of passion I create flourishing, colorful and vibrant designs

Fleur van Deventer – Yogateacher/Psychologist with hypnosis as expertise/Music lover

After studying psychology and working as a psychologist I knew I wanted, actually needed, to do things differently. Practicing yoga was back then already part of my life for 7 years. But after travelling through South-America and India my life perspective changed profoundly, which made me integrate yoga on a deeper level.

I did my yogateacher training in Peru, the country I truly love for it’s wisdom and beauty. This training combined yoga filosofy with shamanic wisdom. Best of both worlds if you ask me. Through hypnosis I can help people transform rapidly and efficiently. This makes my clients and me extremely happy.Music gives me joy too. I share kirtan circles (singing mantra’s together) and I add live music to my yoga classes. Hope to see you soon one way or another!

Felipe Andres / Sonido Sur – Musician – Storyteller – Bard

A sound woven from the south and the worldview of the ancient Andes. From the city of Bacatá where the native indigenous Muiscas lived in balance with nature centuries ago. And we still live as Muiscas in the present day, spreading through the planet, remembering our origin. This sound feeds from the mountains, the seas, the air, the fire and several jungle cities. There I was born and the word we share should be wider spread. So I share it as a bard, el bardo, der Barde: singing songs and telling stories. Stories that are grounded in the intuitive existence, in the law of origin. Sound as music. Music as a bridge between the Universe and the human being, as medicine for the soul: motivation to dance. And so, after three years of being seeded in London as an idea, Sonido Sur blooms in Berlin between voices, dances, guitars, technology and gaitas. Sound as ceremonies. Circles of sharing word where the process is a constant intuitive development of vibration, of sounds. We sing to Sie (the spirit of the water), Fiba (the spirit of the wind), Gata (the spirit of the fire) and Hitcha (the spirit of the earth). We interact with the light and the darkness. Um pykyky chïe – The light in my heart to the light in your heart Chiska chetiskua – Dancing and singing Sewa Hitcha – Earth’s agreement Sihikinga! – Amen! Sonido Sur

Would you like to co-create and become part of the team? It is possible to rent the Gaia center Yoga room and the treatment room.