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Gaia center is a place for personal growth, inner peace and joy. We offer Reiki courses, workshops and retreats.

Reiki courses

Reiki means guided Life force and it is originated in Japan, the founder is Mikao Usui. You can think of the force and light of the Sun! It is a powerful healing method which works on the physical body, emotional, mental and on soullevel.

In the Reiki 1 course you will learn about the Reiki history, Mikao Usui and the principles. Beside the theory you will also learn how to use Reiki in a practical way to heal yourself trough your hands. Reiki 2 course is about healing others also from a distance. The Reiki master is there when you are ready to teach others.

Reiki leads towards balance and relaxation. A reconnection with feelings and self knowledge help you to heal and live a life of health and abundance. Reiki stimulates the self-healing ability and brings more balance in all areas of your life.

Learning Benefits
* Reiki history
* Reiki principles
* Symbols
* Precautions and guidelines
* Chakra’s
* How to heal yourself
* How to heal others
* How to teach others
* Initiation on every level

* Syllabus
* Certificate
* Tea and snacks

Date & investement

Reiki 1:
When: 14th & 15th of August (Max 2 participants)
Investment: 200,00

Reiki 2:
When: unknown for now
Investment 250,00 (50,00 discount if you have finished Reiki 1 with me)

Reiki Master:
Book it one on one.
Price on request

Is Reiki new for you and would you like to get to know it better? Schedule a meeting with Yasmin and you can ask enything!

With love,

Goddess summer celebration

Would you like to connect with your feminity?

We all have a Goddess in us and with the peak of the summer it is time for celebration. To connect with sisters and celebrate the dance of life outside under the full moon! An evening with sharing ourselves, firedance, sisterhood, full moon, cacao ceremony and lots of flowers. Put on a beautiful dress (white if you have it!) and connect with your femininity.

When: Thursday the 24th of June
Time: 19:00-22:00
Location: Natuurtalent, Veldkersweg 50, Rotterdam
Investment: 25