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Bergwegplantsoen 10z, Rotterdam

Hatha yoga

This is a yoga class that goes deeply to the ancient practice. It is usually a slow-paced training with more guidance on how to do each pose correctly. Body movements are enhanced by breathing techniques and special locks, which are called bandhas, to let the energy flow smoothly through the body.

Healing process starts from feelings observation and finding a comfort zone. Regular practice gives us strength and flexibility. It’s a great class for beginners, but there are always plenty of options to make posture more advanced and challenging for experienced yogis.

Every lesson includes meditation to find inner peace, have a moment to express gratitude and enjoy the presence. The class ends with a pleasant relaxation in savasana, which gives deep relaxation and allows the nervous system to calm down and recharge.

I teach this class in Ukrainian but new participants are also welcomed then I will guide you through the practice in English.

Who teaches the lesson?

My name is Alina, I love nature, tasty food and people’s smiles. My path in yoga started in 2015 and transformed into a true passion. I completed teacher training at Vajra yoga federation in Ukraine. The school founder has gained his knowledge from Namkhai Norbu, who was a great Tibetan Buddhist master of Dzogchen. This tradition sees a human as a creature who has been perfect from the very beginning. We need to allow all confusion to dissolve so the mind will return to its natural pure state.

I believe that the source of happiness is within and it is possible to unlock it through connecting to one’s true self. That’s why I decided to become a Leela game facilitator. It’s an ancient instrument that provides insight into our own consciousness and a key to divine knowledge. The players’ route on the board is defined by the fall of a dice corresponding to the forces of karma. It’s a fun way to master your emotions, heal old wounds, and find precious insight about your life. Each move is an opportunity to learn a new lesson and grow in ways you never thought possible.

When: every Tuesday
Time: (entry from 8:20 PM) 8:30 PM – 9:45 PM
Location: Gaia Center, Bergwegplantsoen 10z, 9th floor
2 trial lessons: 18.00
Single lesson after the trial lessons 12.00
10-ride card 99.00